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Jan 2015

Stella has grown into a beautiful loveable little girl. She gets lots of attention everywhere she goes, and everyone loves her, she doesn't mind playing by herself, but also loves attention, gets along well with children of any age, bright intelligent, and easy to train, she loves investigating and discovering new things.  She was very easy to house train.

Sincerely, S Kishling
Mar 2015

My boyfriend Jared bought 'Carita' from you around a month ago and I just wanted to let you all know how much we love her and are so thankful that she is a part of the family now!  Thank you so much again for my sweet girl;my life has greatly improved since having her around!

-Taylor Blevins 
April 2015
She (Arabelle) is doing absolutely fantastic! She is so well behaved and intelligent! She's even calm whenever we take her to the vet!

"We brought Arabelle in to our home 5 weeks ago. She has been such a great addition to our little family. She is very intelligent, well mannered, and playful. It was definitely obvious from the moment that we got her that she had already had training. We haven't even had any puppy accidents in the house yet! I am so grateful to have her. 
We brought Birdie (aka Natasha) home 2 weeks ago, and she has absolutely stolen our hearts. Not only is she beautiful, but she is the most well-behaved puppy I have ever met. While she is a playful and adventurous puppy, I am amazed by how calm she is at the vet or in social settings. I cannot believe that she has had zero accidents in the house and has pretty much potty-trained herself. Birdie has quickly become a popular sight in our Nashville neighborhood. We are unable to walk 5 feet without being stopped by new friends wanting to pet her. She is loved by all.

My fiancé and I feel our lives have been truly blessed by this sweet puppy. I now cannot imagine life without her. It is obvious that the Showalters provide excellent love and care to the puppies. I want to say thank you for giving us our little pup Birdie!
Nina, now Emi is a wonderful puppy. Showalter Kennels did a great job replying quickly with any questions. Emi loves to play with leaves and play fetch. She is 12  weeks old and already knows how to sit and lay down! My boyfriend and I are excited to keep teaching her new tricks and watching her grow.

June 2015

This is Koda, previously named Alina. I call her my little girl because she is part of our family and she is so sweet.
Before I went to pick her up I wanted a puppy so bad and I came across the breed Shiba Inu and I just knew that was the kind of dog I wanted. We drove a couple hours but it was all worth it. By the time she was 12 weeks she was house broken, could sit for us, and shake. She also knows how to lay down and fetch now. She is a very active dog. She loves everyone she comes across and they all adore her. She loves all the other animals we have and that we have been around.
We look forward to many years with our little girl.
July 2015,

Dear Showalter Kennels,

Phox is full of energy, loves to interact with people and other animals. Whenever we go out everyone can't help but to fall in love with his cute little face. He was house trained pretty well when we got him. He started out really shy but now his love for us is so strong. We really appreciate how you guys accommodated our busy schedule - were so happy with our little nub.

July 2015

We brought Mari (previously Maisle) home a little over a month ago and she has become a wonderful addition to our family. She is very playful, energetic, loves attention, and has become best friends with our cat. Mari is very intelligent and at 9 weeks old can already sit and shake on command. It is very obvious that she came from a very caring place and the Showalter family was great to work with. My fiancé and I are very happy and thankful to have Mari in our lives. Thank you!!
Nov 2015
Dear Showalter Kennels, Seven days ago we brought laina (now Hayley) since the first day we fell in love with her. My biggest fear was potty training, but to my surprise by the second day she was already housebroken. She is very playfull,and very intelligent, ...... can already sit on command. We look forward to many years with our little girl.
Thank you showalter kennels,

We have been very grateful to have chino in our family. We couldnt have had asked for a better dog, she is perfect!!!

Thank you Showalter Kennels!
Kuro (formerly Jeddy) is 15 weeks old now and just perfect. He is so smart and just finished a four week puppy training course. He knows sit, stay, down and has had no housebreaking mistakes. So far, Kuro is on track to begin another advanced trading course next month and eventually be certified as a service dog for people who suffer from PTSD. We absolutely love the newest member of our family!

Jennifer Stevenson
June 2016
Zane is doing really well, fetches a ball for us and greets everyone each time they enter the room he's in. He has brought such fun to our family. Thank you!!!                                                                ~ Andrea Seaman
Aug 2016
Dear Showalters,

Thank you for caring KingNova up to 8 weeks. He is almost 4 months! where did time go. He is such a sweetheart. He loves adventures and when we do go out, he is so well behave and calm. Nova is a ladies man. He attracts everybody attention! He is very smart. By 9 weeks, Nova know his name, how to sit, shake, and five. He is learning everyday and is so well on potty training. he is such a out door lover. He loves going everywhere with me from grocery stores, car rides, beach, hiking, boating etc. He loves being outdoor and is such a happy dog. He is so attach to me that anyone that holds him or wants him, in some way he finds a way back to me. He does very well off leash as well. He would not leave my side and follows me everywhere. Its rare in a Shiba and I am very proud of him. Thank you for such a amazing dog. I can't ask for a better companion. The best fur child!
Cai Z.
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